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April 2017

We Are Here for You

November 2015

Viener Consulting Starts a Fall Sales Push

With new innovative products from vendors like NCR, FirstData and Shopify – Viener Consulting is reaching out to the local market by helping small businesses reach their goal of better customer service and integration.

“We started the company to help small businesses grow” said Wayne Viener, “and these new tools allow the little guys to compete with larger scale businesses”. Merchants will be pleased with the integrated credit card and merchant services, easy to use and easy to own ecommerce solutions and ways to reach their customers through social media.

A new addition to the lineup is support for restaurants with the Clover line of products.

“For November we have great end of year specials and deals” commented Eric Moberg. He continues, “One deal I really like is “Buy a POS system and get a Samsung TV. This is cool for the smaller merchant and we can use the flat panel for marketing in the retailer’s store.”

Check out our home page for more information.

September 2015

TerpTalk GameDay

Viener Consulting is proud to present TerpTalk GameDay!

Catch the show every Saturday at 8:30am on Youtube.

June 2015

Windows 10

We are excited about Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows 10 which is set to be released on July 29. Are you ready to upgrade? We are ready to incorporate it in your business environment.

Please read our Windows 10 Letter for more information on upgrading.

January 2015

Make Your Company Work

September 2014

Social Media Internship Program

Viener Consulting is looking for a motivated, well-rounded intern with a lot of social media knowledge to join our firm for Fall Semester.

For more information please see our Internship Flyer.

July 2014

Email Services Interruption

Yahoo and AOL have recently made changes that are causing problems for users of their email services. Put simply, they are using a technology called DMARC to inform the internet that any email with a “From” address of their customers can only come from their servers. What this means to you is that if your provider is Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, or AOL and you use those domain email address as the “From” address in NCR Customer Connect, NCR Retail Online or NCR Counterpoint Online, your emails will be rejected by most mail servers on the internet.

This is not something we have control over. It is the result of a decision originally made by Yahoo and AOL in an attempt to control email spoofing (aka phishing). Many of the larger email service providers are adopting this same policy. It has the unfortunate side effect of bouncing legitimate email sent by the real account holder in any 3rd party application.


Attention NCR Customers

June 2014

CP V7 Migration

We are continuing to see gains in productivity with former Version 7 users. Viener Consulting and NCR are committed to your success with CPSQL. Contact Viener Consulting today to discuss how easy and quick it is to migrate from Version 7 of CounterPoint to the CPSQL product.

Over the next few weeks, you will be contacted by Viener Consulting and NCR in regards to the announced end of life (EOL) for Version 7. The end date is December 31, 2015.


Ocean Hut Talks About Viener Consulting

May 2014

Microsoft Fixes IE Zero-Day Flaw

On May 1st Microsoft issued an emergency security update to fix a security vulnerability called Zero-Day that is present on all versions of Microsoft’s web browser, Internet Explorer. The vulnerability can be used to silently install malicious software on your computer without your knowledge. In a small twist, Microsoft decided to release the update for Windows XP as well even though the operating system is no longer supported (As of April 8 2014).

Be sure to download and install all Windows updates on your machine to fix this vulnerability and keep your computer up to date and secure. For more information about the update (KB2964358), go to this site:

We urge all users to keep all software up to date and to upgrade from Windows XP as soon as possible since the operating system is now outdated and no longer supported by Microsoft.

March 2014

Responsive Web Design

Viener Consulting has expanded its service offerings into the world of website design and construction, offering you the chance to rebrand yourself and make your web presence work for you. Reconnect with old customers. Find new opportunities. Present a fresh, modern face to the world and keep visitors on your site, contacting you and purchasing your services.

Let us create a responsive web site for your business, the web is always changing and today’s web standards are higher than ever. Your web site should adjust and display correctly to any device and that’s exactly what we will do for you, a web site that responds, looks and feels great on any device.

January 2014

Splitting the Network

One of our major projects this month has been an effort to improve download and upload speeds at one of our client sites while limiting disruption of VoIP service and. The solution we implemented has shifted internet traffic over to a newly installed Comcast cable modem and firewall and maintained phone service over the old Verizon circuit.

We’re happy to report that speeds have increased by a magnitude and security has been improved as a result.