CPSQL-ALEX Interface
The ALEX Integrator for CounterPoint SQL (CPSQL) is a software tool to crosscheck databases in CounterPoint SQL 8.4.X and ALEX 11 for missing customers and inventory items in CounterPoint SQL.
The concept is that the Integrator will help you to make sure you have the proper customers and products in your CounterPoint SQL system.

The Integrator searches the ALEX database for customer names, addresses, and phone numbers.

The Integrator can determine if a client present in ALEX is missing in CounterPoint SQL.

It also searches the list of BioGuard products against the current in-store inventory and reports which products on the BioGuard list are missing from the store inventory.

Users can then review these reports of mismatched records and determine for themselves if the corresponding CounterPoint SQL entries must be created to establish continuity between ALEX and CounterPoint SQL, or if the records are correct as they are.

The Integrator can also be enabled to create on-hold tickets in CounterPoint SQL based on Water Analysis performed in ALEX. This is an optional feature, and it is meant for systems where there is a high degree of certainty on items and customer data been synchronized between systems.

See our ALEX Integrator Guide page for step by step instructions on how to use the software. (You must have a password to view this page – request access).